Almost 1 700 developers from around the world joined the IBM developer community, developerWorks, every day during 2006. 

This brings the total developWorks community to about 5,6-million, with much of the growth coming from emerging markets.
This growth in emerging markets was one of the major themes for the year, along with strong interest in Java, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0 communiyt offerings.
The developerWorks Java technology zone remains the more popular area, with an almost 30% increase in traffic during 2006.
Also experiencing more than 30% increase in traffic, the SOA and Web Services zone offers a wide range of free tools and resources to help developers understand, implement and build their skills sets.
Web 2.0 technologies like blogs, wikis, podcasts, chats and forums help developerWorks to offer better communication, efficiency and productivity to its members.