Apple may boldly proclaim on it's website "The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007" but, if recent reports are anything to go by, this year could well prove to be the company's very own annus horriblis on the litigation front. 

Not only are the company, its CEO and founder, Steve Jobs and some former execs entangled in an SEC investigation around stock options, improper accounting practices and false financial statements, but an antitrust suit over its copy protection system for iTunes will proceed later in the year after Apple failed this week to have it kicked out of court.
To add to its woes, companies seem to be lining up one by one to have their day in court with the Cupertino firm. Other lawsuits pending this year include:
A patent infringement suit (also citing Google and Napster) filed by former movie download service Intertainer for violation of its digital entertainment platform;
PhatRat Technology is suing Apple for infringing its IP with the Nike-iPod product which allows joggers to track how far and how fast they have run; and
Another class action claiming that the logic board of the Apple iBook G4 has an abnormally high failure rate.