Foxonn, which entered the South Africa market in 2005 and grew to an 18% share in 2006, is looking to maintain its high growth rate through 2007. 

The company has expanded its offerings in the local market from just motherboards to include VGA cards from this year.
Anish Rahman, SA territory sales manager, explains that the company works through distributors Pinnacle Micro and Sahara, as well as via OEMs.
He points out that the South African market accounts for about 22% of the Middle East & Africa region.
"Foxconn has seen exponential growth since it started in South Africa," he says.
"The reason could be that we are still new and in a growth phase; plus, we are participating in most of the government projects."
During 2006, Foxconn sold about 130 000 motherboards and 150 000 chassis.
"We have high ambitions for VGA, and the next product line is notebooks and LCD monitors," says Rahman.
"The notebook market is really booming, but the potential for desktops in South Africa remains. Most projects are based on desktops and the performance and price benefit factor for desktops in much higher."
During 2007, Foxconn intends to communicate better with the gaming community, advanced gamers, PC enthusiasts and corporate customers, Rahman adds.