With a 1Tb drive on the cards for later this year, Seagate has taken a stand in the emerging digital lifestyle market with the launch of a slew of products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

Seagate CEO Bill Watkins recently told Fortune magazine that a 1Tb drive was planned for about mid-year with a price tag of $700.00 or less.
Meanwhile, the company has made a big play in the consumer electronics market with the launch yesterday of its FreeAgent data movers that give users anywhere, anytime access to to digital content as well as Internet favourites, desktop settings, E-mail and more.
Seagate also introduced its Lyrion hard drive, a 60Gb 1,8-inch drive which is only 5mm thick.
It also announced a storage management module (SMM) that contains drivers, utilities and tools to provide support for a wide variety of chipsets and easing the integration of hard drives into consumer electronics devices.
"Digital content has evolved to play a huge role in home entertainment, automotive, computing and communication devices, and Seagate has enabled that evolution by transforming storage," Watkins says.
"We've broken out of traditional 'storage in the box' thinking to create more dynamic, interactive solutions that not only store but also manage, access and enable protection of the valuable and ever-growing collection of digital content that today's consumer enjoys."
Seagate is also using CES to demonstrate a number of other technologies, including some mobile applications integrating the Seagate ST 1.3 hard drive, including a Kenwood MP3 player, Humax PMP and ECS DTV.