Intel yesterday introduced three more quad-core processors, including the first to carry the Intel Core2 Quad processor brand name that begins the expansion of quad-core PC sales to mainstream buyers. 

The company now offers a total of nine quad-core processor versions in the desktop and enterprise market segments.
Intel also announced two quad-core processors for single-socket servers.
"Today Intel delivers another breakthrough – quad-core technology for anyone's PC," says Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini. "The performance once requiring a supercomputer is now on the desktop, allowing users to do new and amazing things."
In addition to new levels of performance, the new products bring consumers multitasking capabilities that enhance the way they create, experience and enjoy digital entertainment. Computers with the Intel Core 2 Quad processor are excellent for high-definition video entertainment and are multimedia powerhouses for demanding software applications run simultaneously.
Intel also introduced the Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor 3200 series for single-socket servers. Built on the Intel Core microarchitecture, these products will bring new levels of energy-efficient performance to entry server applications such as e-mail, Web, file and print.
Two new processors are available immediately with clock speeds of 2,4GHz and 2,13GHz with a 1066 front side bus and 8Mb of L2 cache.