A new generation of dual-mode mobile handsets launched during 2006 is driving interest in the technology – and 330-million of the products are expected to be sold by 2011. 

AirMagnet, distributed locallyh by Concilium, advises wireless providers such as coffee shops, pubs and libraries to prepare for mass VoFi (wireless VoIP) usage.
According to a London-based survey, more than one-quarter (30%) of wireless-enabled locations are currently able to support simultaneous VoFi calls.
However, this means the majority of hotspots in the UK are unable to support the predicted take up of VoFi services, exposing users to patchy, failed or dropped calls.
"With PDAs running Windows Mobile 5 and smartphones which offer WiFi functionality finding significant penetration into the local market and VoIP gaining momentum, South African hotspots could well begin to offer similar services," says Steve Alves, MD of Concilium.
These handsets, able to receive signals over WiFi networks, will offer users cost-effective calls as well as additional wireless services.
The convenience and cost savings offered by the technology may have it poised for growth, but for the application to truly become widespread it has to be as reliable as traditional fixed-line voice services.
Ian Schenkel, MD: EMEA at AirMagnet, says: "VoFi has so much potential so it is imperative that on-site service providers ensure they are in a position to truly take advantage of the benefits the technology can offer.
"End-user frustrations at dropped or failed calls, dead spots, poor voice quality and choppy audio could prove fundamental to VoFi's take-up unless these  fundamental network issues are rectified."
He adds that problems could be caused because the hotspot owners aren't familiar with the technology themselves.
AirMagnet is keen to highlight the fact that performance issues are far from insurmountable and the majority of problems would be relatively straightforward and inexpensive to resolve.
"The solution for success is straightforward – in order to cope with the predicted onslaught of VoFi-enabled phones, on-site service providers must optimise wireless access points already installed as well as investing in additional access points where necessary to support additional traffic."