It's official: Apple Computer is no more. 

CEO Steve Jobs says that since most of its successful products are not actually computers, the company is dropping the Computer part of its name – it will henceforth be simply Apple Inc.
This announcement was made during the Macworld keynote during which Jobs unveiled both the long-awaited TV product and the company's new cellular phone.
As anticipated, the phone is a hybrid product that integrates an iPod and a cellular phone. The new iPhone also includes an Internet communicator.
The company's vision, says Jobs, was to re-invent the phone and so the new device doesn't have a keyboard or stylus for input, but boasts a new technology called Multitouch.
The device synchronises through iTunes and lets users manage media, contact information, calendars, photos, notes, bookmarks and E-mail accounts.
Coming in at a very thin 11,6mm, the iPhone boasts a 3,5-inch 160dpi screen which intelligently switches off when raised to the face, adjusts its light depending on the ambience and can automatically switch from portrait to landscape orientation.
As an iPod, the iPhone operates pretty much as standard.
As a phone, it is a quad-band device that operates on GSM and Edge networks, with a 3G offering due soon.
It also integrates WiFi and Bluetooth and can automatically switch from a cellular data network to a WiFi network when it comes within range.
As an Internet communicator, it enables HTML-capable E-mail with IMAP or POP services; and includes the Safari Web browser.
The battery allows for five hours of talk time, video or Web browsing; or 16 hours of audio playback.
The iPhone will be available in the US in February, in Europe by the end of the year, and in Asia during 2008.
Jobs also used the Macworld platform to announce the new TV product, previously codenamed iTV and now called appletv.
The new product connects digital media to the TV using either 802.11n, USB 2.0, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI, component video, audio and optical ports.
appletv comes standard with a 40Gb hard drive which can hold up to 50 hours of video content. It will also handle digital stills and music.
The appletv will ship from February, with an initial retail price of @299.00.
Jobs reveals that iTune is now selling up to 5-million songs every day – that's about 58 every second – as well as 50-million TV shows anbd 1,3-million movies altogether.