Despite the naming, FCC and international hack woes that may be looming over its iPhone, Apple's share price hit an all-time high on the Nasdaq following yesterday's announcement.

According to Reuters, Apple shares on Wednesday were up 4.2% at $96.46 in heavy afternoon trading after rising as high as $97.80.
"The new device appears to be a quantum leap forward in mobile devices," Reuters quoted analyst Steve Lidberg as saying. "The new Apple iPhone appears to be a very robust handheld device that could quickly carve a solid niche at the very high end of the smart phone segment."
He did caution, however, that Apple could find it difficult to move high volumes of iPhones in the first quarters of release due to its high price (from $499) and lack of complete corporate E-mail support
Lidberg does, though, have a $100 12-month price target on Apple's shares and rates it as an "outperform" stock.