8th Man Consulting has signed an agreement with Triometric to become the local distributor of the Triometric Performance Analyser Suite. 

This suite is designed to keep Web-based business applications functioning optimally by isolating and troubleshooting poor application performance. It can improve user productivity on particular software applications, and solidify procedures and best practices in place around the applications in question.
"With all the technology at our fingertips enabling business intelligence, business performance management, customer relationship management and anything else, IT  and technology owners have few means of monitoring realtime, real-use application performance," says Adrian van der Merwe, MD of 8th Man Consulting.
"Users do not always run software correctly and often fail to follow best practices. This can have a significant impact on application performance and user productivity."
Triometric's Performance Analyser Suite ensures that an organisation's applications deliver accurate, reliable and timely results. It also ensures that stakeholders can directly access relevant reports via a Web browser, putting information at their fingertips and reducing dependence on the IT department.
It is designed for use by large organisations running Web-based applications and analyses entire networks from a user perspective to find performance
bottlenecks. It ensures visibility of the technology that has been invested in and provides services to ensure that business critical applications perform at expected levels.
Triometric is based in the UK where it services banks, law firms, ASPs, information providers and online retailers. Its client list boasts the likes of Mondi, Reuters, Compass Group, British American Tobacco and Pearson.