Microsoft aims to reach out to at least 775 000 people over the next three years through its Unlimited Potential programme. 

The software vendor has earmarked $219 842.00 for grants in 2007, and today handed over the first three cheques in the current grant cycle.
Worldwide, the programme grants up to $68-million in cash and about $331-million to non-profit organisations. In the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, $2-million is available in cash and about $1,1-million in software.
The three projects that benefited from today's donations are a TeleCentre trainers "Train the Trainer" programme driven by the Universal Services & Access Agency of SA and TASA, implemented by SangoNet; an initiative from the Cape Access project to enhance the work of and accelerate the spread of e-community forums; and skills development and economic independence of the disabled implemented by the QuadPara Association of SA.