The Open Group, the international vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, and its local representative and enterprise architecture specialist, Real IRM, are hosting the second IT Architecture Practitioners Conference in Cape Town from 11 to 13 March, 2007.

The event aims to provide experience-based insight into the approaches and methods for developing enterprise architectures around the world; to demonstrate the business value enterprise architecture offers organisations of any size; and to highlight the speed at which return on investment can be achieved when applying enterprise architecture in a company.
"Enterprise architecture is an essential component of all organisations striving to prosper in an ever-changing business environment," says Stuart Macgregor, MD of  Real IRM.
"Besides providing the strategic context for the evolution of IT in the organisation, it also aims to enable them to maintain the right balance between business innovation and the integration needs of the extended enterprise."
The conference is targeted at CIOs and senior management responsible for IT and enterprise architecture; designers and managers of IT infrastructures; product and engineering managers of architecture tools; system integrators; enterprise architects; business process modellers; and business and governance executives.
"The 2007 conference will take a practical approach that combines presentations and discussions on best practices with tutorials, case study reviews and demonstrations of the latest tools," Macgregor says.
"Over the last year, local membership of The Open Group architecture forum has grown to 9% of the overall worldwide figure. This increase in new members   highlights the growing importance of enterprise architecture in organisations and the unquestionable value of global standards."