Sophos has acquired EndForce, which provides endpoint security policy compliance and network access control (NAC) solutions for enterprise customers.

Sophos will build on EndForce's position as a leading standalone NAC solution deployed in environments of greater than 10 000 users, and also integrate NAC as part of its comprehensive endpoint security solution.
Steve Munford, CEO of Sophos, says: "This acquisition brings our customers the most proven mass deployed enterprise NAC solution in the market. Administrators demand the option of choosing a NAC provider without the risk of disrupting installed systems, and Sophos is prepared to meet that demand ahead of our competitors."
EndForce has deployed its software-based NAC solutions to some of the most complex multi-national corporate networks in the world.
CEO Greg Moore comments: "Securing the endpoint is the most practical and effective method to implement access control over a heterogeneous network."
The addition of network access control further expands Sophos’s proposition of total security and control over what is allowed to run on the network as well as who has access and to what.
“Network access control offers companies the added protection of having a lock on the door to the network. If you have the key, you can get in,” says Brett Myroff, CEO of Sophos master distributor, NetXactics. “Machines that aren’t patched will not be allowed to connect to the network, preventing hackers, for example, from gaining access.
“You will still be able to manage all this from within the Sophos security framework as part of a composite solution,” he adds.