Hot on the heels of Cisco's lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone trademark, seems Nortel could also have a valid case against the Cupertino firm. 

According to The Inquirer's Tony Dennis, Apple could find itself in trouble over the term "Visual Voicemail" – a feature of its new phone – but which already exists as part of the Voice Office Applications Suite which works in conjunction with Nortel's application gateway.
Nortel's Visual Voicemail provides a visual display of voicemails an employee may receive and which he or she can then play back using an IP phone supplied by Nortel – or Citrix, which resells the system.
"So in principle," Dennis says, "it works exactly the same as the Visual Voicemail facility built into Apple's new iPod phone.
"… The only difference is that Apple's version of Visual Voicemail is designed to work with a voicemail service offered by a cellular operator – Cingular."