Power, environmental concerns and user interfaces will be the drivers behind technology developments in 2007.

This is according to the technology, media & telecommunications (TMT) practice at Deloitte, which has made its annual predictions for the technology sector.
Danie Crowther, technology partner at Deloitte, comments: “The technology industry is going to have to raise its green credentials in 2007. Technology companies will be looking to build the case for technology’s considerable positive contribution to the global environment.
"This includes the designing of products and services that are environmentally friendly, highlighting how technology-based services have provided less damaging alternatives for activities such as business travel, or by differentiating themselves on the basis of responsible power consumption. "
He adds that power-scavenging technologies also look set to boom in numbers in 2007, as the technology industry starts to deal with one of its most critical problems – portable power.
"Power-scavenging technologies are able to generate energy from a variety of sources in their immediate environment including, sunlight, changes in temperature, vibration, motion, sounds and pressure."
In addition, user interface technology will have to become much easier and simplistic this year in order to improve commercial success, says Crowther.
"Currently, over half of all consumer electronic devices returned to retailers are not broken – they have just confounded their owners with their complexity. The falling cost of processors may be a key culprit, encouraging manufacturers to include increasing functionality in their products without a real need.
"In 2007, companies that manage to minimise product complexity will achieve greater success than competitors with superior, but relatively inaccessible, technology.”