Local accounting software provider Omni Accounts has announced that its entire product range is fast becoming the preferred accounting package in South Africa, especially with the growing demand from accounting firms. 

As an affordable accounting package, Omni Accounts aims to capture a large share of the accounting software market over the next few years.
Richard Mills, accounting manager at BMO Food Services, is confident that Omni Accounts will make a dent in the market due to its fantastic features and good pricing.
“The largest benefit that I can point out is the power of the reporting module. If one uses the reporting tools to their full capacity, the module is extremely flexible, both for financial reporting and incorporating operational measures. Not only the reporting module, but the entire package is extremely easy to use.”
Omni Accounts is well priced at all levels, with the entry-level bundle – Omni Essential – priced at just R249.00. Omni offers a seamless growth path ad the entire suite is pre-installed, not just the bundle purchased.
This gives users the freedom to try a other higher bundle or feature (switch), without obligation, at any time for a limited period, through a pick-and-mix approach.
Andy Kudla, MD of Omni Accounts, says the company aimed to make buying Omni as easy as possible.
“Users can purchase a pre-configured bundle (pre-configured groups of switches or features) from our basic entry-level bundle (Essential) right up to high end bundle (Enterprise). In addition, thewy can pick and choose additional switches (features) individually if required, allowing them to literally custom build an accounting system for yourself.
“The price of the base package and switches is low for the benefits that are offered. The system of buying specific switches is also very clever as it allows a start-up company with limited funds to build on to the package as the business grows."
Omni Accounts is not just suitable for small or start-up businesses, but also to large established enterprises requiring sophisticated features and flexible reporting.
The software incorporates all financial and management accounting functions such as nominal ledger, customers (including invoicing and sales order processing), suppliers (including purchase invoicing and purchase order processing), banking, ), inventory control and multi currency.