The BlueBox has launched a new tool to help businesses build digital dashboards – and manage them – without a massive investment. 

Carl Verster, marketing manager for The BlueBox, comments: "It really is a simple, yet beautifully structured solution for manging business key performance indicator (KPI) reporting. Business owners, CEOs, MDs and senior managers are going to love it."
Users might be more used to seeing Widgets in the form of calenders, tickers, clocks and the many other desktop toys. The BlueBox has taken this framework and applied its own technology to create a Widget that functions as a business communication device and business intelligence tool.
BlueBoxWidget provides a hosted solution that allows data to be pushed from various data sources (including manual input) to either desktops, or browser-embedded solutions. is a data gateway that allows users to store data in a centralised location, and then push it out to their target audience – be they staff, customers, suppliers, associates or the public – in a variety of forms.
The system allows users to add unlimited data items to their own personal back-office accounts. Each data item is specified as, for example, a bar graph, dial, text or link and users can then choose to input the data manually, directly on the www.blueboxwidget site, or have the data dynamically fed via XML or direct link API methods.
Data items are then viewed as Widget Windowlets on the users' PC desktop using the BlueBox Desktop Widget or in Web- or intranet-pages as page widgets.
Users can also export their data items as live feeds in XML or ATOM format, and these have been adapted to one-click links into standard feed platforms such as Google, Pageflakes and AOL.
Some features of the latest release include a personal back office, management of users/viewers and groups, multiple data publishing formats (graphic and text), Google, Pageflakes, AOL, XML and ATOM integration, C analytics, customisation, and a user-riendly GUI.
"With the the evolution of Web service, businesses are increasingly looking to open architecture suppliers for their solutions," says Paul de Villiers, MD of The BlueBox. "Business itelligence has been an expensive and hard to obtain ideal that has only been available from big-name providers. BlueBoxWidget makes BI accessible and affordable to everyone, large and small."