Channel Data is playing an active role in initiating learnership and enterprise development programs in the ISETT SETA, which has established learnership programs and criteria specifically related to the ICT sector. 

These learnerships are typically initiated and sponsored by a ‘primary employer’, who receives funding from the state via the SETA. This entity identifies learners, appoints a training service provider, and seeks to place the learners with various companies for the practical component of the learnership.
The learners undergo formal training (at say, NQF level 4 or NQF level 5) via the training provider, and then undergo six months of practical hands-on experience through the various companies which have signed up on the programme.
John Hope-Bailie, technical director at Channel Data, says: “Last year we sent one of our employees, Phineas Matshekape, on a learnership programme. This was slightly different to the standard model for these programs, because Phineas had already gone through numerous years of practical experience as an employee.
"The nett benefit was that Phineas was exposed to an up-to-date, theoretical training course, which allowed him to broaden his skills base, and in this way, increase his earning potential.”
Channel Data signed up to take on two learners. “Our new learners completed the theoretical component at Torque IT training academy,” says Hope-Bailie.
“The course level is NQF 5, and the practical, in-service component of the course began in October last year. Channel Data will provide employment for them for six months, until the end of the learnership.  Based on their results once this period has expired, we will hopefully be in a position to offer them ongoing employment at Channel Data.”