Cognos has validated out-of-the-box integration between Cognos 8 BI and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise EPM 8.9. 

Through Cognos 8 BI, PeopleSoft metadata and security is analysed and published to the Cognos environment which immediately enables secured business intelligence directly on customer's PeopleSoft Enterprise EPM 8.9 deployments.
This integration allows joint global customers to rapidly deploy Cognos 8 BI's proven reporting, dashboarding, analysis, querying and scorecarding capabilities across their organisation.
Customers can combine both Peoplesoft and non-Peoplesoft data together in a single report, immediately uncover and capitalise on profit-building opportunities, establish critical business metrics, evaluate enterprise efficiency, and empower employees to make better decisions.
David McWilliam, MD of  Cognos SA, comments: "Customers need an agile, self-service BI platform that serves as an integrated bridge for diverse data sources. This integration is valuable for customers as they gain a single view of all data across the enterprise for clear performance visibility.
"This integration lets joint customers take advantage of our proven BI capabilities and intuitive interface to create a self-service report or perform an analysis of their ERP data to drive better business decisions.
"Our single platform offers a consistent, complete view of information across business applications such as PeopleSoft EPM, allowing our customers to easily extend the value of their EPM investment."
According to Cognos sponsored IDC research, "one of the key variables that organisations looking to increase data quality and consistency should focus on when implementing a business analytics system is support for heterogeneous data sources that span multiple instances of operational (eg ERP, CRM, SCM) as well as  analytic systems."
Recent IDC Survey analysis found that 34% of organisations with $500-million or more in revenue have 10 or more operational source systems feeding their  business analytics solution.
Cognos 8 BI offers centralised information distribution from any ERP system, database, or data source. Users have one place to go for all their business intelligence needs and administrators have one environment to manage.
With centralised metadata across metrics, OLAP, and relational data sources, thousands of users have instant access to goal-driven metrics, in-depth analysis, and robust business and production reports spanning the entire enterprise- all from a single interface.