A new trojan threat presents as a news feed which tricks users into opening a file which then downloads malware on to the victim's computer. 

Over the last few days, more than 20 new variants of the trojan been seeded, according to Allysa Myers, writing on the McAfee Avert Labs blog.
The trojan chooses from various subject lines that could look like bona fide news headlines and has an attachment called readmore.exe, fullclip.exe. fullstory.exe or video.exe.
"The biggest trend in malware is a sort of buck-shot approach," Myers writes. "Create a very large number of different variants in a short span of time, hoping to gain at least a few extra hours in which to be undetected by at least some traditional anti-virus scanners.
"This reminds us again of the need to have a multi-layered defense. Even something as simple as filtering EXE files at the gateway would have made this seeding event a non-issue."
Meanwhile, experts at SophosLabs have warned that the hackers behind trojan, which was spammed across the Internet on Friday have renewed their activities using a new piece of malware, Troj/Dorf-Fam.
These latest spam messages, which have a malicious e-mail attachment, have been sighted being sent from computers in 80 different countries including the US, Turkey, South Korea, France, Germany, the UK and Brazil.
Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, comments: "It's clear that the hackers behind these attacks are using breaking news stories to tempt computer users into clicking on the dangerous attachments.
"But if you launch the attached program you are putting your PC and your finances at risk – hackers will break in, steal and cause havoc if they gain access to your computer."