SanDiskhas unveiled an affordable, cableless, flash-based MP3 player, the 1Gb 1 Sansa Express.

Designed for the value-conscious consumer, the compact Sansa Express stands out amongst the competition as an affordably priced device with many high-end features, including a microSDT expansion slot, FM tuner, recording capabilities, data storage and a direct connection to a consumer's computer – no USB cable required.
"With the Sansa Express, SanDisk is continuing its strategy of bringing new MP3 players to market for the budget conscious consumer," says Keith Washo, SanDisk retail product marketing manager. "Plus, we've made the Sansa Express easy to use. With no cable-this player uses a direct connection to the computer-you just plug and go."
The Sansa Express includes:
* Cableless battery charging and USB 2.0 connectivity
* Bright, four-line OLED Screen
* A microSD expansion slot for additional memory capacity and music portability with SanDisk TrustedFlashT content cards
* Digital FM tuner, with FM recording
* Voice recording with a built-in microphone
* Data and document storage
* Up to 15-hour Lithium Polymer battery life
* Cool, blue backlit effect
* Simple to use controls for fast device interface navigation
The device can hold up to 3Gb music, or 750 songs, by using a 2Gb microSD card in the player's memory expansion slot. This card feature also enables secure transferring of music to other devices equipped with microSD card slots such as mobile phones and PDAs.
Available in March 2007 in the US and Europe, the Sansa Express will be priced at $59.99.