Lexmark Research Reveals Home Environmentalists Go Green at Work

The green revolution is truly established across households in Europe which is having a positive knock-on affect on environmentally-sound behaviour in the office. This is according to new research from Lexmark, which shows that a massive 84% of office workers say their behaviour in the office is environmentally friendly.
A new study by the printing solutions provider of over 2 500 office workers across Europe reveals that thinking about the environmental impact of day to day tasks is fast becoming habitual with 88% recognising that printing at work has a big impact on the environment.
It is clear that office workers are keen to see greener workplaces but they also claim that their companies are not helping – 43% claim that their company does not care about paper wastage and 41% don’t think energy waste is on their employers’ agenda.
The researchshows that people are getting more paper savvy, with 84% of office workers claiming they often read their e-mails and other documents on screen rather than print them.  However, only 29% of them use recycled paper to print and just 28% print double-sided.
The research not only looked at paper wastage in the office but also the wider issues of energy waste and cartridge recycling. Being green is increasingly becoming part of every day office life with 81% of office workers claiming they often switch off the lights in their office at the end of the day as well as their computer and screen to help save energy.
What’s more, over half of employees often go even further by switching off the printer (56%) as well as the lights in absent colleagues’ offices (53%).
When it comes to printer cartridges the story is not quite as good – despite 63% of office workers saying that empty cartridges are collected by the manufacturer for recycling, only 49% dispose of them in the recycling collection bin.  What’s more, over one in 10 (12%) workers throws the empty cartridges straight in the rubbish bin.
It turns out that lawyers are the most conscientious about the environment, with almost nine out of 10 (88%) switching their PCs off at the end of the day. The legal profession is also leading the way in office recycling with over two-thirds (67%) recycling all waste paper, compared to just half (55%) in the financial services industry.
Across Europe, it’s the over 50s who are leading the recycling revolution, with almost one in 12 (7%) investing in alternative sources of energy at home, such as solar and hydro power.  Over two-thirds of this age group (67%) recycle paper, compared to half (56%) of 18 – 24 year olds.
“We at Lexmark have internally evaluated the environmental impact of our products using a lifecycle analysis methodology," says Hans Horn, MD of Lexmark SA.
"I’m pleased to see that the way office workers perceive the environmental impact of printing is close to reality, as confirmed by the latest Ipsos research. Indeed this impact is primarily due to paper consumption and then to energy waste."
He adds: “When it comes to the empty cartridges, there is still work to be done in educating people about the impact of their choices.  Many office workers believe that reusing cartridges is a way to solve the environmental issue.  However, when quality is poor and the cartridge yield does not meet expectations, these cartridges are discarded anyway."