Tarsus Technologies has announced the arrival of a small form factor version of HP's locally assembled DC5700 desktop PC. This version features a substantial technology refresh, bringing the DC5700 in line with the leading desktop computing solutions available today.

The addition of this desktop PC to the mix also makes the DC5700 the first and only small form factor computer to be locally-assembled.
Jason McMillan, HP product manager at Tarsus says that the addition of this new form factor provides customers with greater variety and satisfies the requirements of many corporates for more compact, less-bulky designs.
"The DC5700 has become the trusted platform on which many South African corporates have standardised their client-side infrastructure," he says. "With the addition of a small form factor chassis, corporates can now benefit from the awesome horsepower provided by the new technologies this refresh brings, in a package that takes up less real estate space, is quieter and more aesthetically pleasing.
 "We believe the new, smaller look and feel will be a real winner with most corporates," he adds.
McMillan adds that the DC5700 makes use of the new Q963 chipset from Intel, making it Core Duo- and Core 2 Duo-ready.
"While Core 2 Duo will mean a performance increase unlike anything users have seen before, the Core Duo processors shipping with the DC5700 today already deliver between 30% and 40% increases in performance over their Pentium 4 predecessors. Add to this the inclusion of DDR2 memory and the DC5700 is a powerhouse," he says.
The new DC5700 is also one of the first computers to start utilising SATA-based optical drives which provide quicker response times and transfer rates; as well as SATA II hard disks, which boost data transfer rates on magnetic drives to 3Gbps.
Rounding out the performance enhancements, the new DC5700 also gets a graphics media accelerator from ATI with 256Mb of RAM.
"Prior to the refresh, the DC5700 made use of an embedded Intel graphics adapter. The addition of the ATI card provides substantial improvement, given that the operating systems of today and the future are becoming increasingly demanding of a system's graphics capabilities," says McMillan.
He adds that the DC5700 is fully Microsoft Vista-capable, allowing users to upgrade to the new operating system when it ships, without making any hardware modifications to their systems.