With Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system still a couple of days away from launch, pirated copies of the software are already freely available. 

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer site for software sharing and, according to ComputerWorld, already features Windows Vista and Office 2007 – in fact, they've been available since November.
In theory, it's impossible to pirate the new Windows software because of new Software Protection Platform (SPP) technology.
SPP should shut down software that isn't registered over the Internet with a legitimate licensing key within 30 days of being installed.
However, hackers appear to have found a way to circumvent the technology while Microsoft admits it knows of three workarounds.
Meanwhile, the software vendor is already working on its first Vista service patch which will include features suggested by testers who have been using the software for some time.
There's no clear date for the release of SP1, but any critical fixes and patches will be available regularly through Windows Update.