The service desk is the shop window to any IT department, the central point from where the management of customer satisfaction, advice, incidents and restoration emanates from.  Best practice processes, skills and procedures are central to meeting targets and delivering outstanding service.

This is the opinion of Conn Wood, MD of Foster-Melliar, a leader in the field of ITIL and IT Service Management.  Foster-Melliar has introduced a three-day Service Desk, Incident Management Practitioners (SDI) course that focuses on the implementation and improvement of the service desk and incident management procedure.

The SDI course will aid in defining and managing the activities associated with service desk and incident management in addition to giving candidates a thorough understanding of how these two functions work together to underpin all the ITIL disciplines ultimately encouraging a pro-active method of thinking aimed at preventing incidents.

“The service desk and incident management course explores the profoundly positive effect that structured processes around the service desk, and the managing of incidents can have on an organisation,” says Wood.  “No course is complete without illustrating how that specific piece of puzzle fits into the bigger picture.  This SDI training course clearly illustrates the inter-dependency of service desk and incident management with other IT Service Management disciplines within an IT department,” adds Wood.

The course emphasis is on the ability to understand, plan and implement a comprehensive SDI program that is focused on improving the handling of customer and business incidents.  The course aids in charting a process that assesses, prioritises, categorises and analyses incidents in order to create a record that accurately identifies the cause of the incident and resolution.  It identifies trends through constant incident reviews and ultimately finalises records with a satisfactory resolution that addresses the cause of the incident.

Foster-Melliar’s service desk and incident management course is suitable for service desk supervisors or team leaders; process managers in incident management; process managers in problem management and service desk or helpdesk managers.

The IT service management foundation certificate is compulsory for acceptance to this course in addition to at least one year experience in the service desk environment.