Embracing the move towards digital media in the home, Storgate has announced the local availability of the D7 Media Gateway – a digital audio, video and picture playback-solution that provides home PC users with a single point of interaction with all of their personal media.

Apart from supporting almost every file format in the digital audio, video and picture market today, the Media Gateway acts as a central point for users to interact with their media.
Mark Campbell, MD of Storgate Africa, says the D7 essentially consolidates all of the user's digital media, which may well be scattered throughout the home on PCs and other storage devices, and allows users to easily access this media through a remote control and their familiar television/home theatre.
"It's the perfect low-tech, low-expertise solution to great quality audio, video and picture playback," he says. "Furthermore, the D7 is easy to setup, easy to use and manage and extremely versatile. And since it has no internal storage of its own, it's also quiet, very light on power consumption and very robust."
Campbell says the value presented by the D7 lies specifically in its ability to "sniff out" media located in the home. "While some form of network connection is a prerequisite for this feature (both wired and wireless D7s are available), any form of media that's viewable and shared across the network is viewable on the D7.  
"With its networking capabilities, the D7 allows users to access media stored on their conventional network shares and 'stream' it to their television and hi-fi setup," he says.
"This means that there's no need to consolidate media to a single storage device in the home. The D7 provides users with a single point from which all of their digital media can be enjoyed," he adds.
Apart from network streaming, the D7 also features the ability to play files from storage devices directly attached to it via USB.
"Through its broad support of USB attached storage devices, anything from a Flash-based memory key though to a conventional USB hard disk or DVD-ROM can be read, and the media stored on it played back through the D7," he says.
Campbell says the manufacturers went to great effort to ensure that every file format, network connection and home theatre environment would be well supported.