ProFax, a company within the DataPro Group, has launched a new managed faxing solution that undercuts Telkom's national and international rates, and which is believes is the only solution currently available that does so.

The launch of the new solution follows the signing of a joint venture agreement between ProFax and AmVia at the beginning of December. AmVia dominates the corporate fax software industry with up to 60% of big enterprises, including banks and retailers, making use of their product.

Martin Kuhlmann, MD of ProFax, estimates the South African fax market to be worth more than R1-billion a year.

“The AmVia JV gives us access to the traditional Telkom fax market, with a total of 250-million fax minutes a month; penetration of this I believe, could exceed 50% within the next five years.”

Kuhlmann believes that this is still an embryonic market. “As companies realise the time and cost saving benefits of electronic fax management, companies like ProFax are well positioned to take full advantage of the anticipated demand.”

He adds that ProFax is focusing not only on the corporate market – the market normally focused on by vendors – but is also looking to penetrate the consumer and small business market.

"We are providing a high-end solution, with all the bells and whistles that a company would require – but we are able to pare the features down in order to suit the users’s requirements.”

The ProFax suite of solutions is able to offer a comprehensive realtime point-to-point solution, thus allowing an individual or corporate user a fully managed faxing experience without the high costs associated with traditional fax machines and the like.

The software on offer provides a trusted and reliable fax server and electronic document delivery solution that assists companies to comply with ECT legislation whilst still safeguarding information security and privacy.

Kuhlmann emphasises the potential growth in this market. "The idea of converting traditional analogue fax to an electronic medium, using e-mail, was only conceptualised eight short years ago.

"During 2005 the total South African fax market grew by 2,5% to 250-million minutes and, of the total fax minutes generated, fax-to-email accounted for 7-million, indicating that the fax industry is far from slowing down and creating huge potential for our business."