Sourcecom, South Africa’s leading BEE network solutions and systems integration specialist, has just received 3Com’s Gold Partner of the Year award for the financial year ending in May 2006.

3Com, one of the world’s major vendors of network equipment, presented Sourcecom with this honour on the basis of sales resulting from major, public-sector contracts.

“We are very pleased to have won the Gold Partner of the Year award so quickly,” says Filipe Galvao, channel manager at Sourcecom.

“Sourcecom achieved this thanks to our sales volume and our specific focus on large, public-sector engagements. We have technical experts on 3Com products and the skills for specialising in this area, which is why we are one of just a few 3Com Gold Partners in the country.

“As an end-to-end solutions provider, the amount of 3Com equipment we have deployed for our customers is massive.

“Heading into the future, we are gearing up with training and lab equipment to specialise still further in 3Com voice products, which we see as a significant growth point in the market. We are also aggressively pursuing the private sector market, from SMB to corporate, offering them the same expertise and quality we are recognised for delivering in the public sector.”

Sourcecom was one of the first 3Com partners in the country to focus on voice solutions. The company has had large contracts running with provincial and national government departments for several years. They have held a contract with the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) for five years, among other engagements with both provincial government and national departments, such as Correctional Services, Health and Defence.

“In March 2006, we relaunched our Focus Partner Programme and now review the status of all our partners every six months,” says Tracy Lawler, distribution and channel manager at 3Com South Africa. “Our first review has just been completed and we now have seven Gold Partners in the country.

"Sourcecom won Gold Partner of the Year for our financial year ending May 2006. It is truly wonderful to see this team win an award for their massive volume of sales and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with Sourcecom, a company that is highly committed and skilled in providing the latest 3Com solutions."