BitDefender has announced that it now offers consumers one of the industry's highest levels of antimalware protection for those using Microsoft's new Windows Vista platform, launched across the globe today.

Available immediately through BitDefender's web site, the beta version of BitDefender 10 Internet Security for Microsoft Vista includes a full suite of Internet security features, including anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, firewalls and parental control.
Upgrading to the Vista-compatible version of a BitDefender product will be free for all BitDefender users, trial users and subscribers.
As one of the most anticipated pieces of software in years by consumers and businesses, Microsoft Windows Vista is also expected to be one of the biggest targets for hackers and cyber criminals. Since the vast majority of viruses and malware derive from e-mail, it is strongly recommended that consumers protect their systems with anti-malware protection.
"While Windows Vista includes many improved security features, consumers should not dismiss the fact that hackers are already developing ways to infect computer systems through this platform," says local BitDefender distributor Grayford Holton.