Internet Solutions (IS) recently initiated a staff connectivity scheme offering various forms of connectivity for use outside of the office.

“There are a number of key benefits for staff and IS alike,” says Anthony Southgate, marketing executive at IS. “With the massive changes we have seen lately in the connectivity market, staff, much like our customers, have many options for getting connected. From fixed line broadband (ADSL) to wireless technologies (such as iBurst), and cellular connections, such as HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access).

"All of these services are sold at IS, so not only are staff directly aware of the technology through using them, they also all get to evaluate which technology works best for them in their unique situations. Staff are more connected, whether it be for personal use or business use, they are experiencing the technology first hand."

The management of IS based their decision on market and employee needs, figuring that with technology changing so rapidly, their best ambassadors (and critics) for their products and services are the 500-plus ‘customers’ that make up the IS staff.

All these connectivity solutions are available commercially from IS.