There may have been street parties in Times Square, Wellington and Tokyo for "The Wow Starts Now" consumer launch of Vista, but in South Africa the launch will be a lot more low-key.

Although no street parties are planned, Microsoft SA will have a presence at major retail outlets today and, as has become common in South Africa, at traffic light intersections.
Jonathan Hatchuel, Vista Business Group Executive at Microsoft SA, says that different markets will launch Vista in different ways.
"We're a vastly different market to the likes of New York and London," Hatchuel says. "We are planning a big splash, but it will be a little bit more consumer targeted.
"Obviously, we're doing a huge marketing campaign – advertising and so forth – both directly from Microsoft and in conjunction with our partners.
"We will also be doing information drops – CDs handed out at robots with product demos and various links."
Hatchuel says that there will be two exclusive launch events – one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town – at a later date.
"These will be primarily for our customers and partners," Hatchuel says. "Basically a thank-you to those who have been with us right from the very beginning of this project."