It may have taken five years and more than $7-billion to develop, but Microsoft Vista won't be the software firm's last Windows operating system.

According to Computerworld, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has scotched rumours that Vista will be its last Windows client OS, saying Microsoft has "plenty more where that came from."
At one of two scheduled New York press conferences to launch Vista's consumer version, Ballmer said that there is plenty of room for innovation on the PC, and that Microsoft plans to continue to build upon the user-interface, security and multimedia enhancements in Vista.
"We've got a very long list of stuff our engineers want to do, a long list of stuff all of the companies here want us to do," Ballmer says. "There are so many areas where we need innovation."
While Ballmer was reticent about a possible service pack for Vista – "We'll put one out if we need to," he said – he was more forthcoming about his expectations for Vista.
He predicted that in the next three months, Vista would be adopted five times faster than Windows 95 and twice as fast as Windows XP.