AMD has unveiled hardware and supporting software technologies to complement Microsoft's Windows Vista launch.

Through collaboration between the two vendors, Windows Vista harnesses AMD silicon and software to deliver an immersive computing experiences, new tools for creating and sharing multimedia content and capabilities for locating and securing data.
AMD64 processor-based systems were one of the platforms on which Windows Vista was developed, built, tested and optimised.
Jonathan Hatchuel, Windows client group executive at Microsoft SA, comments: “Microsoft has a super tight, win-win relationship with AMD that spans many years. Windows Vista was designed to take full advantage of AMD’s platform features to bring even greater benefits to end users than was possible before. Through strong collaboration, AMD and Microsoft have developed complimentary hardware and software technologies that address the needs of today's complex global economy.”
AMD has worked closely with Microsoft for more than four years to ensure broad availability of optimised hardware and software solutions for Windows Vista at launch. AMD’s mainstream multi-core and 64-bit microprocessor technology and advanced graphics solutions provide consumers with superior performance, stability and compatibility for Windows Vista, along with a stunning visual experience.