A new security and network distributor, Compliant IT, aims to provide both the products and value-added services to help companies become compliant with legislation and regulations. 

According to Brian Little, business development manager at Compliant IT, legislation and regulatory pressures are driving an increased awareness of data security.
"We are seeing a change in the security landscape," he says. "People often talk about return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO), but attitudes are starting change as companies realise their data is an asset.
"And, as an asset, it needs to be protected both internally and externally."
As compliance becomes a bigger issue for companies, security and network processes are beginning to converge and data protection is being seen as a priority.
"We are seeing the convergence of these two markets into a single compliance market," says Richard Kolodynski, MD of Compliant IT.
"One of the drivers is legislation. Companies, especially those reporting into the UK or US, have no option but to comply.
"On the other hand, good corporate governance is important for other companies. As such, the whole aspect of security and compliance is no longer an IT issue but has become a boardroom issue."
Compliant IT distributed a range of products including its flagship NetClarity, which secures the network perimeter and can assist organisations to become compliant and manage ongoing compliance.
Other products in the portfolio are GuardianEdge for encryption, Express Matrix for asset management, Swift Computing with a query builder, the iNode communication server, and Codima Technologies for high-end network management.