Sun Microsystems will sell a portion of its South African operation to a BEE partner, probably 30% and possibly within the next couple of months. 

No further details are forthcoming at this stage, but country manager Vito Bonefede confirms that earlier reports about a 30% equity stake by a BEE investor were not far off the mark.
"We are still on track with our BEE plan and it will include equity," he says.
Sun has been in the news lately with its deal to incorporate Intel processors in its hardware line-up and to port its Solaris operating system to the volume platform.
"A couple of years ago we began working closely with AMD as that market was not one we were addressing. Now we are collaborating with Intel, which has made Solaris its key Unix operating system globally."
In recent days, Sun has also reported financial results that saw it return to real profitability for the first time in some  years.
"We reported fantastic results, including a real GAAP (generally accepted accounting practice) profit. We had 4% operating profit and grew 7% quarter-on-quarter," says Bonafede.