Brix Networks has expanded its product capabilities to provide mobile network operators with quality of experience (QoE) visibility from the network core to cell phones.

The company's new BrixMobile solution, made available locally by Concilium Technologies, allows providers to conduct automated, end-to-end testing and service performance monitoring that extends all the way from a Multi-Protocol Label Switching/Internet Protocol (MPLS/IP) core to a user's handset, and collects and reports various per-user QoE and Quality of Service (QoS) metrics.
Additionally, BrixMobile allows consumers to test the quality of their services and see the results on their own handsets in real time.
"Mobile providers need actionable information to verify the quality of their offered services," said Michael Howard, principal analyst and co-founder of Infonetics Research, a US-based market research and consulting firm specialising in data networking and telecom, and author of the recent study, Mobile Backhaul Equipment, Installed Base, & Services Market Outlook.
"Brix is an acknowledged leader in voice, video, data — and now mobile — assurance. We like the innovation to deploy the measuring tool in the handset, as it is eminently pragmatic, useful to the user, and should prove to be of value for mobile operators in attracting more customers to use their mobile services."
BrixMobile is a distributed system consisting of an on-demand Java agent installed on cell phones, and a correlation and visualisation engine deployed at a central location. The agent reports key metrics — including voice, delivery, and signalling quality — on a real-time basis that provides comprehensive visibility into overall service performance.
"With BrixMobile, local providers can now benefit from  unified view of their networks' performance and users' experience, plus differentiate their offerings based on quality — all from the same scalable, intelligent platform," says Daniel Coetzee, telecom sales engineer at Concilium Technologies.
With this announcement, Brix Networks assures QoE in a converged mobile environment. Increasingly, consumers expect multimedia services to operate across both wired and wireless networks, which put increased pressure on providers to unite their infrastructures and optimise their network management systems.
BrixMobile provides a platform for service providers to deploy their next-generation infrastructures — including IP Multimedia System (IMS) architectures — with confidence.