There can be no doubt the security market is set to to take off in 2007, with the announcement yesterday of another distributor taking on a new IT security product line-up. Camsoft has been appointed as the local distributor for Aladdin Knowledge Systems' enterprise security products. 

Tsion Gonen, vice-president for the eSafe business unit at Aladdin, explains that this is the Israeli company's first official foray into the South African market.
eSafe addresses content security – so it helps to secure the user's Web browsing experience and ensure that users cannot inadvertently download malware from a site they are visiting.
Gonen points out that e-mail security is necessary, but that the major threat today is from the Web rather than from mail itself.
"The Web-borne threats of Trojans, spyware and worms are motivated by money. Whether it is simple pop-up ads of turning your network into a zombie, it's about money and it's being done by professionals."
The eSafe solution consists of various layers of protection, including: proactive anti-virus; signature anti-virus; exploit protection; e-mail compliance; Web/URL filtering; application filtering; spam management; and four-layer syware blocking.
Gonen explains that eSafe avoids the bottlenecks often associated with security scanning by using a patented nitroinspection technology.
This allows eSafe to perform 10-times faster than regular proxy methods since it doesn't have to cache content prior to inspection. Instead, nitroinspection means that content is scanned on the fly, so performance isn't compromised.