Compuware Corporation has introduced the company’s Application Auditing solution, which uses Compuware Hiperstation to address mainframe data and application security issues with internal, authorized users.

Today, the biggest security threat facing organisations is internal, and companies have a bottom-line need to protect both their customers and their business from data privacy breaches. Even if a company has a plan in place to prevent unauthorized users from accessing data, it needs a solution that provides insight into the actions of trusted users.

According to Dr Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, “Our research shows that insider threats represent one of the most difficult management challenges for data security and privacy professionals. Detecting, deterring and mitigating the insider threat within a complex organisation cannot happen without using enabling technologies like Compuware’s Application Auditing solution.”

With Compuware’s solution for Application Auditing, organisations can capture the activity between authorised users and applications. This information provides an audit trail that can be used to investigate details of a security breach and to pinpoint those customers affected, ultimately minimising the problem. This solution builds on Compuware’s application security leadership and award-winning products by enabling IT organisations to proactively address the enterprise application security challenge

Hiperstation is directly connected to the mainframe operating system. This means that it can handle the significant, production-type load necessary for an effective Application Auditing solution. In fact, customers have used Compuware Hiperstation to record more than 8-million transactions per day

“Compuware’s solution helps contain the impact of a data breach, lower the cost of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and liability, allowing users to contain the problem and keep more business intact,” said Mark Schettenhelm, Product Manager, Compuware. “Compuware Hiperstation is a proven solution for Application Auditing, as evidenced by customers who have used this technology for more than ten years to record all application activity. The quality and quantity of information provided by Compuware Hiperstation has even allowed customers to employ these audit trails as information in legal proceedings.”