BCSnet has become the first Internet service provider (ISP) in South Africa to offer security as a service to its users. 

"Most people would love to get Internet security as part of their access," says Tsion Gonen, vice-president of the eSafe business unit at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. "Users want security to be something that just happens."
BCSnet is implementing Aladdin's eSafe SecureSurfing content security technology, designed specifically for ISP-managed security services.
Coming in at a R15.00 a month for individual users and scaling downwards for volume licences, BCSnet is confident the model will be well received in both the corporate and consumer markets.
"This is the end of desktop software," says Niel de Wet, director of BCSnet. "Using the service means that users no longer have to worry about installing and maintaining desktop applications."
The agreement, valid from today (1 February) allows BCSnet to offer a centralised, value-added security service that inspects and filters Web traffic to remove malicious or inappropriate content before it reaches the user.
The new offerings include:
* Realtime Web surfing security with four-layer spyware blocking, using 15 anti-apyware technologies to stop for standard and targeted spyware attacks;
* Realtime Web surfing Trojan and worm blocking with full inspection of all Web page content;
* Realtime Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 surfing exploit, vulnerability and Ajax client attack-blocking; and
* Web e-mail security and enti-virus effective for almost any Web-based email service, including Hotmal, GMail, and Yahoo! Mail.