Softworx, an EOH Company and master distributor of Infor in Sub-Saharan Africa, has announced the latest release of Infor SRM SupplyWeb, a supplier relationship management (SRM) solution for the automotive industry.

The latest version includes improved collaboration between customers and suppliers, providing new tools designed to enhance data accuracy, and demand and order management.

For customers, this new version of SupplyWeb demonstrates Infor’s commitment to enrich the value of their current investments, extend their core ERP applications with new business-specific solutions and evolve the Infor product line to produce next-generation solutions.

“This new version combines information from multiple ERP solutions, giving organisations a single face to their suppliers, which enables rapid demand fulfillment and performance evaluation” comments Jane Thomson, MD of Softworx.

SupplyWeb version 10 significantly strengthens the relationship between suppliers in the supply chain with the addition of new module:, Production Invoicing and Purchase Order Collaboration. These automate specific business functions related to order processing.

Production Invoicing improves data accuracy between customers and suppliers, eliminates discrepancies in pricing and payables and allows for more timely payments from the customer.  Customers can accept or reject invoices sent by their supplier, sending these approved invoices back to the ERP system for payment. Improving the accuracy of payables and reducing the amount of time spent on manual activities, such as entering faxed or emailed data.

Purchase Order Collaboration facilitates a purchase order negotiation process, allowing customers and suppliers to set terms before committing to an order.  As proposed Purchase Orders (PO) move through the process, customers and suppliers have complete visibility into their status via a color-coded report that indicates orders awaiting action and those that are past due.  Configurable settings allow customers complete control over PO negotiation, scheduling, approval and fulfillment.

Additionally, SRM SupplyWeb version10 includes built-in functional enhancements such as:

* Supplier Cumulative Quality Management (CUM) – tracks demand fulfilment from schedule to schedule to accommodate out of order shipping and receiving

* Flex Fields – expand business-specific data to include shippers, billing, work orders and problem reporting documents

* Receipt Reconciliation – ties receipts to SupplyWeb Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN), ensuring shipments are properly moved to a “received” status within SupplyWeb.