Compuware has announced the general availability of Compuware Uniface 9.1. This new version includes multiple enhancements that enable organisations to better and more effectively develop and deploy enterprise applications in virtually any environment, including Web, Windows, Unix or the Mainframe.

In particular, Uniface 9.1 features advancements in web development, user interfaces and internationalisation.

“Compuware continues to invest in Uniface to ensure that it meets the requirements of a modern development environment; the company has an outstanding record for supporting its existing client base over a significant period,” says Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor Research. “Compuware Uniface offers both tactical and strategic solutions for moving to the Web.”

Important advancements to Uniface 9.1 that drive increased application development productivity include:

* Fully integrated web development: Uniface 9.1 enables developers to build better applications faster by introducing a new, integrated web development environment. This environment includes usability and productivity enhancements for the development of web-based XHTML applications, which are then easily deployed to multiple environments.

* Microsoft Windows Vista support and usability enhancements: Uniface 9.1 supports Microsoft Windows Vista (shortly after Windows Vista becomes generally available) and Windows XP as well as the latest Windows Theme Manager and Style Guides. This support enables developers to build enterprise applications using the latest UI functionality that adheres to Windows’ look and feel.

* Enhanced internationalisation support: Uniface 9.1 introduces Unicode support to help development teams deliver applications for multi-national user bases by reducing the time and cost of localizing applications targeted for multiple languages and countries.

The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of Uniface applications helps IT organisations increase ROI for business critical applications through the re-use of proven web services and through the easing of implementing application changes. Compuware’s strategy for Uniface will continue to focus on deploying Uniface applications on thin clients such as Rich Internet Applications and mobile devices.

“Today’s businesses are looking for flexible, productive and dependable development and deployment solutions,” says Edwin Schumacher, Director of Product Management for Compuware Development Solutions. “Compuware Uniface achieves this by helping IT teams become a strategic business asset, enabling the highest quality applications regardless of the underpinning technology infrastructure.”