Multi-enterprise collaboration company, Sterling Commerce, has announced the availability of an integration kit between Sterling Multi-Channel Order Management and IBM WebSphere Commerce version 6.
Developed in collaboration with IBM, the integration kit enables companies to accelerate the return on their software investments with pre-integrated processes that drive improved customer satisfaction through optimisation of the entire order cycle, from order capture through fulfillment.

Both Sterling Multi-Channel Order Management and IBM WebSphere Commerce are based on service oriented architecture (SOA), which expedited the development effort. Sterling Commerce was recently invited to join the IBM SOA Business Partner Specialty. To participate in this group, Sterling Commerce supply chain applications successfully completed IBM's rigorous SOA technical and business requirements and integration with the IBM SOA foundation.
Solutions Accelerate Software ROI with Pre-integrated Business Processes IBM and Sterling Commerce have jointly developed a standard integration kit, based on SOA and Web services, that provides two-way integration between IBM WebSphere Commerce with the Sterling Multi-Channel Order Management solution.
The integration kit enables customers to exchange information seamlessly between Sterling Multi-Channel Order Management and IBM WebSphere Commerce.
The kit spans application and enterprise boundaries to combine fragmented financial, inventory and logistics processes into a single, central view across all business units and channels, resulting in the following benefits:
* Shortened time to results;
* Reduced total cost of operation; and
* Reduced deployment lead-time and costs.
"IBM and Sterling Commerce provide best-of-breed solutions for today's multi-channel order processes," says Rob Shaw, product marketing manager at Datacentrix, a local representative of Sterling Commerce.
Traditional applications address fulfillment within the four walls of a company – focusing on the products, inventory and processes owned by the enterprise. As fulfillment extends beyond the enterprise and across multiple channels, failure to manage and monitor fulfillment in the extended supply chain results in lost orders, increased inventory, highly manual order processing and declining customer satisfaction.
Together, Sterling Multi-Channel Order Management and IBM WebSphere Commerce provide a complete order-capture-to-fulfillment solution that enables companies to optimise their entire order cycle and drive high levels of customer satisfaction.
IBM WebSphere Commerce captures orders across various sales channels, including the Web (by customer or a customer service representative) and the call centre channel. Sterling Multi-Channel Order Management orchestrates and automates the entire order fulfillment process, choosing the most cost-effective channels, including identifying sources of supply such as internal warehouses or third-party suppliers, scheduling delivery and associated services, and executing fulfillment.
By providing business processes, such as order capture, search, history, and modification, pre-integrated between the solutions, the integration kit enables companies to deliver two benefits crucial to a high level of customer satisfaction:
* Realtime information for customers about their orders, including inventory availability and payments data; and
* Simplified management of product availability for manufacturers and retailers to address customer expectations, limit out-of-stock situations, and offer differentiated services such as home delivery and service scheduling.