New research from McAfee says that European businesses are almost as at much risk from their employees when it comes to security as they are from hackers and other external threats.

The security firm adds that investments in solutions to protect corporate data from external threats and hacking are being undermined by the failure to fully communicate company security policies and by lax employee behaviour.
The study of 600 office workers across Europe, conducted by ICM Research and commissioned by McAfee, highlights the organisational dangers of data loss.
The research reveals that employees are transferring an increasing amount of confidential data out of the business, using methods which often fall outside of the control of the IT department.
It suggests that more than a third of European businesses (37%) have no set policy for handling sensitive documents and, in cases where policies do already exist, almost a quarter (24%) of employees don’t know what they are.
Other key findings include:
* 132-million sensitive documents are being taken out of UK offices each week on portable devices.
* Day-to-day internal documents and customer data/records are the two most common types of document to be taken out of a business electronically or physically. This is followed by company financial information.
* Employees are increasingly using portable devices, including memory sticks and mobile phones to remove confidential data from their businesses.
* Web-based mail services and even IM are being used to transfer sensitive information outside of the business.
* 52% of European employees would take company data with them when they leave.