We may be seeing a new generation of malware writers, who are in for the money rather than the glory – but there's still some ego involved and at least one virus-writer is keen to see his name in lights. 

Pedro Bueno writes in the McAfee Avert Labs blog: "From time to time we see malware writers claim or ask for recognition of their malware.
"They usually leave messages in the virus body for the AV companies to see. They might ask for job, or offer help to detect something – you will never understand a malware writer’s mind."
Yesterday, Bueno was analysing what he describes as "YAB (yet another bot)", when he founf the following message in the virus body: “ATTN ANTIVIRUS EMPLOYEE: If you’re going to name my very nicely coded modular bot, at least give it the proper name of ‘[Name Removed]Bot.’ Lots of love, Author of [Name Removed]Bot.”
Bueno stresses that those in the industry would never put the author's name on the bot, "so it will remain just a regular bot".