Business performance improvement specialist Ovations has broadened its repertoire of services through the establishment of a new team focused on people capital management.

Called People Capital Solutions, the team focuses on human resources management consulting including specific areas such as people capital risk management, job design, change management, performance management, pay and employment equity.

Augmenting Ovations’ existing performance improvement division, the unit will complement Ovations’ other well established services. These include performance improvement, business systems and risk management, information architecture, application and integration, and solutions support and outsourcing. Formed in 1998, Ovations currently employs around 80 people across its operations.

“By establishing this new area of expertise we now complement our technology and process solutions with people solutions which are becoming increasingly important in South Africa and elsewhere in the world,” says Brenda Wille, Ovations’ marketing manager.

“There is an excellent fit with our other baseline competencies and we are looking forward to building a strong new business growth area,” she says.

Under the management of industrial psychologist Pieter de Bruyn, the People Capital Management team is experiencing significant growth and will offer its services to Ovations’ existing client base and new clients in the private and public sectors.

“The next big thing is the people that enable IT, not just IT,” says de Bruyn, who has identified a growing demand for people related consulting and solutions.

“Over the past decade or so there’s been a huge focus internationally on IT and business processes, but now there is a need to integrate people solutions into this mix and to focus on areas such as change management, performance management, job design, incentive schemes and other major aspects of managing and organizing people capital as effectively as possible,” he says.