A new worm, which has been spreading over the last 24 hours, has infected hundreds of computers and made it into the top 10 list of viruses.

PandaLabs has been tracking the mass-mailing of messages containing the Nurech.A worm and which presents as a Valentines' Day message, says Jeremy Matthews, MD of Panda Software South Africa.
“When users run the attached file, Nurech.A installs on the computer,” he explains. "The worm is designed to terminate processes belonging to security tools and to look for addresses to spread to on the affected computer.
"This worm is particularly dangerous because of its rootkit features which hide processes and make detection more difficult for security tools.
This worm reaches computers by e-mail, in a message with various subjects normally related to romance, such as Together You and I, Everyone Needs Someone or Cyber Love.
The sender field also varies, although it always contains a woman’s name. The file that contains the worm is an executable file with names such as flash postcard.exe or greeting postcard.exe.
Users are advised not to open any attachment that they have not requested or run any files, regardless of what they seem to contain.