Lenovo has signed a top sponsorship agreement with the AT&T Williams team competing in the Formula One World Championship. Lenovo PC technology will be used throughout the AT&T Williams team on functions ranging from ignition checks to race operations and inventory. In addition, the Lenovo logo will be displayed in the dominant branding position on the 2007 cars of drivers Nico Rosberg and Alex Wurz.

Frank Williams, team principal of AT&T Williams, says: “Lenovo is an international technology company obsessed with innovation, and will undoubtedly help us achieve success in every area of our business."

Alex Burns, AT&T Williams chief operating officer, adds: “In Formula One, teams are highly reliant on PC technology. With Lenovo's record of innovation, reliability and performance in ThinkPad notebooks and Lenovo desktops, we are confident that our team is lined up with the very best."

Formula One is a data-intensive, computing-intensive endeavour, strongly focused and invested in innovation and development, and highly dependent on information technology. Effective deployment of information technology is a key part of the Williams F1 strategic allocation process, and these decisions help determine the team’s success at the track. AT&T Williams needs high-performance, reliable, robust PC support from Lenovo.

“Lenovo creates the best-engineered PCs in the world, and we look forward to collaborating with the AT&T Williams engineering team in the highly competitive world of Formula One,” says Rashid Wally, Lenovo country general manager: South & Central Africa.

“Formula One provides an exciting platform to build Lenovo awareness in key markets worldwide, and to showcase our products and their reliability. This is in an environment where cutting-edge technology is essential. We are honoured to join AT&T Williams and are motivated to work with the team, its partners and the sport in building the Lenovo business and Formula One."

The AT&T Williams team will use Lenovo PC technology in every functional area of its business, and a Lenovo notebook PC will form an integral part of starting the F1 car before each race, practice and test session. Lenovo PCs will support engineers in car research, test, development and manufacturing. The PC company will support the drivers in their analysis and the management team in marketing, logistics, travel and race planning as well as networking, inventory, relationships with clients, sponsors and suppliers, human resources, finance and strategy.