Kodak's long-anticipated move into desktop printers is set to escalate current price wars as it adopts a strategy aimed at slashing the price of consummables.

According to Reuters, Kodak has made no bones about taking on rivals HP, Canon and Lexmark in a market whose traditional model is based on the sale of inexpensive printers with long-term profit reaped from the sales of replacement ink cartridges.
Next month, Kodak will ship three EasyShare all-in-one printers ranging in price from $150 to $300. Black ink cartridges for these models will sell for about $10 and colour cartridges for $15.
These prices, says Kodak, are about 50% less than its main rivals and it can afford them because of new printhead technology it has adopted.
In the current consumables model, explains Kodak marketing director Cheryl Pohlman, consumers purchasing ink unknowingly also buy expensive brand-specific technology that is built into each cartridge.
"You are throwing that technology away and buying a new one every time you buy one of their cartridges, which is pretty expensive stuff," Pohlman says "With our system we have put that print head right into the printer… so all you have to buy is ink."