Esquire Technologies announced Kingmax Digital’s release of the world’s first 4Gb SD 2.0 compliant microSDHC memory card.

The competitive field for memory cards has thrived with the emergence of digital cameras and mobile phone devices. Memory cards are continuously evolving from the early MMC and SD cards to the second-generation miniSD to today’s 4GB microSD, while growing smaller in size and higher in capacity and portability.

Kingmax’s 4GB microSDHC memory card is the solution for digital camera and MP3 player storage needs, as it can hold up to 1 240 images on a 6 megapixel camera and an estimated 68 hours of music ( or 1000) songs if transferred at 128kbps. Kingmax SDHC memory cards support HD and DVD video, as well as Super VCD, DVR and digital TVs MPEG – 4 HD image formats.

The 4GB microSDHC uses Silicon Motion’s SMI 268 flash memory controller, that supports dual channel read speeds of up to 22.5Mbps and read speeds of 19,1Mbps and complies with flash products of different speed classes for minimum write speed. The SMI 268 allows for complete compatibility with all SDHC specification mobile phones and digital cameras.

The Kingmax microSDHC utilses Samsung’s 63 nanometer process technology, one of the world’s smallest, which allows a similar 4Gb flash memory to have an even smaller form factor so as to accommodate future designs in creating higher capacity memory cards.

Recommended retail price for the card is R699.00.