McAfee Mobile Security Risk Management is a new modular three-prong approach to enable mobile operators to counter the increasing threats posed by malicious and abusive content and create a secure framework on which to build future services.

The approach enables mobile operators to understand and mitigate security risks to their business, protect and give peace of mind to customers and avoid the negative impact on their brand and business from malicious attacks.
With more than 2,5-billion global mobile subscribers and close to 1-billion shipments of handset devices in 2006, mobile services are expanding globally with increasingly diverse functionality. Driven by further platform consolidation, connectivity, bandwidth and impressive new device capabilities, the mobile environment is increasingly becoming a target for malicious attacks.
McAfee is also seeing a shift from mere vandalism to more sophisticated, social engineered for-profit malware. 2006 saw the emergence of both SMiShing (phishing via SMS) and spyware (MobiSpy) in the mobile domain.
As new threats use widely deployed services (text messaging) or phone features (including Java), Mobile security affects Mobile network operators businesses beyond just smartphones.
In the context of these evolving security threats, McAfee is able to offer a comprehensive, proven solution to mobile operators. McAfee Mobile Security Risk Management provides operators with a professional risk assessment of the threats to their business, comprehensive protection for the network, devices, content and applications and effective recovery services from malware outbreaks.
The solution is comprised of three modules which can be delivered individually or as an integrated solution:
1 – Assess: McAfee Mobile Assess lays the foundation of McAfee's Mobile Security Risk Management approach, providing up-to-date worldwide mobile threat
intelligence placed in the context of a mobile operator environment so that service providers can understand what the current threats are and the specific risk they pose to their business. McAfee's mobile risk assessment enables mobile operators to undertake proactive measures to stay in control of mobile threat developments.
2 – Protect: McAfee Mobile Protect offers effective solutions based on proven technology to secure today's mobile environment and enable future services and
revenues. This includes smart content-screening installed on devices, a filtering solution to block known and unknown attacks at the network gateway level, and an application and content screening package to assure the safety of content offered by operators over their network.
3 – Recover: McAfee Mobile Recover solutions proactively prepare mobile service providers for a potential outbreak and ensure that, in the event of a malicious attack, operators are able to remotely clean devices and restore customer services as quickly as possible. With its longstanding expertise in mobile security, McAfee is able to create tailored solutions to specific devices and known malware in order to disinfect customer handsets quickly and efficiently.
"Mobile threats are already impacting the mobile industry globally and present a serious risk to the future success of mobile services and revenues," says Chris van Niekerk, regional director: Africa at McAfee. "McAfee Mobile Security Risk Management provides comprehensive security offerings based on two decades of security expertise combined with proven mobile solutions which enable service providers to understand the risks to their business and take proactive steps to  mitigate these risks and secure current and future revenues."
Since 2001, McAfee has been working with NTT DoCoMo to develop the world's first end-to-end solution with security built in to each handset and integrated tightly with the carrier's network infrastructure and support systems. The success of this initiative has been recognised by the GSM Association, which shortlisted it in the category "Best Network Quality Initiative" at this year's Global Mobile Awards to be held in Barcelona on February 13.