EOH helps customers choose their ERP

EOH Technology Consulting, a Certified Professional Services Provider of Technology Evaluation Centres (TEC) has launched the TEC ERP for Services evaluation centre to help companies select the right ERP software solution – an often challenging process.

ERP for Services is defined as an enterprise-wide integrated information system that manages the operations, services and resources for service organisations. Typically, ERP for services systems offer modules that provides the entire back office systems, CRM, time management, expense management, project management, resource management and project management capabilities.

Keith Fairhurst, a director at EOH Technology Consulting, asserts that “as technology becomes increasingly central to service organisations, solutions that can facilitate, streamline, and automate operations are becoming a ‘must have’ in large service organisations”.

EOH Technology Consulting suggests companies engage in an on-line comparison of ERP solutions before approaching vendors for a request for proposal (RFP). This can save time, money, and staffing resources during the selection process.

According to EOH Technology Consulting, ERP solutions often fail because customers lack a solid understanding of their own requirements. This is largely a failure in the request for information (RFI) process, by which customers evaluate their short listed vendors.

EOH Technology Consulting also says that the sophisticated TEC tools it distributes for evaluating and selecting the right solution providers, particularly at the critical RFI stage, can eliminate these kinds of problems, helping to ensure an accurate, cost efficient ERP selection process.